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[Original] Nightwish in Copenhagen, February 2005 (2005-02) - Reviews

author: Henrik

t was a very cold day in Copenhagen. However, a lot of kids spent their whole day in front of the doors leading into Vega. It had been a windy and cold day, but the spirits were high, because the kids, with their heads pressed against the cold glass on the doors, knew that they were going to get rail and see Nightwish up close. An hour before opening time, the queue was hundreds of meters long. All ages, but most of them kids drinking vodka with lickerish to keep them warm. All dressed in black, of course. The flags and banners were raised, and the doors opened. For this sold out concert one had chosen not to have a warm up band, so it was up to Nightwish to get the crowd going.

The lights went out, and the Once banner was lowered from the ceiling. The crowd started screaming. A beautiful intro with some of the greatest light work ever started, and suddenly Marco Hietala, who had just been sick, was on the stage looking powerful and ready to give us one hell of a concert. The intro faded into "Dark Chest of Wonders" and the beautiful Tarja Turunen entered the stage dressed to kill. The photographers went nuts, and the big show had started. No need for a warm up, because people were jumping, singing along and sweating from the very start. It was clear from the beginning that this was indeed a sold out concert, and you could really feel that this was the first time Nightwish had visited Denmark. People were craving Nightwish. The band members were playing perfectly, and the sound and lights were really amazing. The speeches, mostly by Marco Hietala, were simple, except for a few anti American comments, and mostly about the fact that the band were happy to finally play Copenhagen and hoped to drink a lot of vodka. And indeed Marco Hietala had some vodka onstage and offstage after the show, and had to go to bed at one am after the after party.

The drummer Jukka Nevalainen was the most hardcore player since he first left the after party at nine am. "Phantom of the Opera" was a huge success, and guitarist Erno Vuorinen gave it all he got. He was a real poser guitarist, on his knees most of the time. He did some awesome solos and indeed a true rock n'roller on stage. Not off stage, since he went straight to bed instead of partying. In the middle of the show, "High Hopes" by Pink Floyd was played as a tribute to the ceased weed sales on Christiania. However, it seamed like the crowd wwas maybe not so interested in Pink Floyd and just wanted more genuine Nightwish. Other highlights were "Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan" which is entirely in Finnish. Not so many could sing along, but the song is just so damn beautiful, and Tarja Turunen's voice is so epic. This song is a perfect live song that captures the fans, and people seemed to get a tear in their eyes. Nightwish have something magical about them, and that they proved that night. The best part of the show was, of course, when "Nemo" was played, and when the last of the three encores "Wish I Had an Angel" were blast into the sweating crowd. If Nightwish had played forever, nobody would have went home. An amazing concert that would make any Nightwish fan faint. The crowd went home happy with their newly bought Nightwish gear and "Wish I Had an Angel" condoms.

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