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[Original] Tartarean Desire Webzine: Nightwish - Wish I had an angel (2004) - Reviews

Source: Tartarean Desire Webzine
Author: Ken Wood

Like Lacuna Coil before them, Nightwish are one of the latest metal bands from overseas to gain surprising success here in the United States, though moderate at best. The attention comes from the single "Wish I Had An Angel" and the epic new album Once. The single is an excellent track with it's driving techno-esque drum beat and Marco Hietala's male vocals offsetting Tarja's more operatic female vocals. The song will soon be featured on the movie "Alone In The Dark," most likely another crappy horror flick pooped out from the anus of Hollywood. Whether this garners Nightwish anymore success is to be determined, but any amount of success is well-deserved.

This single obviously features the title track "Wish I Had An Angel," which is by far one of Nightwish's best songs to date. But the gems of this single are its bonus tracks. The first is an orchestral instrumental of "Ghost Love Score," the 10-minute epic from "Once." It is simply the backing orchestral track without vocals, guitar or drums. This is the perfect song if you're going to be in a medieval battle any time soon. Otherwise, it's just a cool little look into what actually goes into making these Nightwish songs so good. The next track is a song called "Where Were You Last Night." It's a cover song of Swedish pop singer/songwriter Ankie Bagger's 1989 hit. Appropriately, Nightwish covered this song with 80's metal in mind, though Ankie Bagger's version was much more electro-pop. This song alone is well worth the price of the single as it is heavy and extremely catchy, Nightwish's best cover yet. The last track is a demo version of "Wish I Had An Angel" and it's a cool little nugget to have, but doesn't really compare to the finished product. All in all, this is yet another worthwhile single with 3 unreleased tracks to make it worth seeking out. There's also a screensaver and a picture gallery.


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