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[Translation] Metal Hammer: Tanja - Nightwish (1999) - Interviews


Which memories are you connecting with your childhood?
I was exactly 3 years old, standing on a table in a big hall and singing a well-known Christian song called ‘Angels Of Heaven’. From the beginning to the end I got into a muddle. (Don’t let any psychoanalyst hear about that …)

What was the craziest job you have ever done?
I was a waitress on a boat in Kuopio, my hometown, namely one of those who had to clean the toilets, too.

Four terms: love, money, fame, friends. Which one is the most important for you and why?
Love – because true love is so rare.

Which one was the worst experience concerning love/relationship?
When I was 14 and head over heels in love, but he quitted relationship. Ouch.

Which one was the best?
Meeting the love of my life and living together with him. That’s what I’m doing right now.

Last album you bought/got?
Sarah Brightman EDEN

All-time favourite record?
In principle I should name at least 20. But picking out one: Dream Theater IMAGES AND WORDS

Favourite meal?
Pepper steak with garlic potatoes.

Last time you were drunk?
In “Soundgarden”, a club in Dortmund, last Thursday.

Last time you were dancing in a club/disco?
This was on Offspring “Pretty Fly” in Kuopio at March 1st.

Last time you wanted something but didn’t get it?
Sooner or later I get what I want.

Last time you had a fight?
I’m not doing such things.

Did you ever wanted to kill someone?
Not seriously.

Have you ever thought of suicide?
No, never.

When and where did you have your first time?
At the age of 4. It was in the kindergarten when I and my best friend were playing ‘doctor’.

And the last time?
Right now. Hehe. (We want to point out in this place that she’s with her female promoter at the moment.)

What was your worst nightmare?
It was also at least one of the most embarrassing moments in my life. I sang Schubert’s ‘Ave Maria’ in a classical concert in front of a full house and missed the text. (Once again!)

Where did you spend your last holiday?
In Crete.

Which car do you drive and why?
I don’t drive a car because I have no driving licence.

Your biggest to date unrealized lifetime wish?
Be able to make my living as a musician. Let’s hope that this will come true soon.

How would you describe your band to an alien?
“Hey you, we are as funny guys as you are.” And then I’d sing “Walking In The Air”.

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