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You like to use interviews on your fansite but don't want to struggle around with copyright issues or writing to dozens of websites and magazines to get an approval?
Then this might be something for you!

You can use the articles here in the Nightwish Bibliotheca for your own Nightwish fansite. All you have to do is linking to the article from your website to the Nightwish Bibliotheca. Therefore you can use all these available articles or only a part of as you wish without getting any problems.

This way you will support this project by sending your visitors to the Nightwish Bibliotheca. This will make it more popular and known to the Nightwish fans. In return we will link you here and show that you support us with your website.

If you want to see examples how that can be done, visit one of the pages below that already support us with that way of cooperation.

If you have questions or want to be part of that program mail Lonnie at

Websites that take part in our cooperation project

My Loveletter to Nobody - Tuomas Holopainen Fansite

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