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Firefox Plug-In: Nightwish Bibliotheca Search

All Firefox users can now extend their existing search field for e.g. Google, Amazon, Ebay and Wikipedia with the Nightwish Bibliotheca Search. Herewith you momentarily have the possibility to search through 692 articles and interviews of Nightwish. The number of articles raises steadily!


Step 1: Download self-extracting archive
Step 2: Extract it into the following folder: C:\program files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins
Step 3: Restart Firefox
Installation completed: The Nightwish Bibliotheca Search is now available in the search function where other websites are already integrated. You can now choose the Search function after clicking the arrow once.


Step 1: Delete the following two datas in folder: C:\program files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins
nwbibliotheca-de.png oor nwbibliotheca-en.png
nwbibliotheca-de.src in nwbibliotheca-en.src
Step 2: Restart Firefox
Deinstallation completed


English Version
German Version

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