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Team is a project of the Ever Dream Official Nightwish Fanclub

Person in charge/Coordinator/Design: Lonnie
Deputy Genteral/Deputy Coordinator/Substitute-Worker: Aerial
Programming: Wishmaster
Interview&Report-Section: Robin
Deputy Interview&Report-Section: Oceanborn
Audio-Section: Robin
Deputy Audio-Section: Garin
Colletor Meeting: Robin
Uploader: Kali
Translators Aerial (Germany) - English, German
Agashka_95/Alexandra (Venezuela) - Spanish, English
Aidie (Norway) - Norwegian
Ami (Germany) - English
Bramblerose (Germany) - English, German
dameofthelake (Brasil) - Portuguese,English
darksiren (Spain) - Spanish
data (Germany) - English, German
deadgardens (Estonia) - English, French, Estonian
elwen (France) - French
Emeraude (France) - French
Francielle (Brasil) - Portuguese
Garin (Germany) - English, German
Galnengilros/Elf (Turky) - Turkish/English
in_vino_veritas (Netherlands) - Dutch/English
June (Germany) - German/English
k (Finland) - Finnish/English
Lonnie (Germany) - English, German
Luinriel (Norway) - Norwegian
micluvstarja (Germany) - Swedish/German
Nick Dafos - Greek/English
Nightwishowns - Russian/English/German/Spanish/French/Danish/Dutch/Turkish Norwegian Oceansoul (Norway) - Norwegian
Oceanborn (Germany) - English, German
Rafaela (Brasil) - Portuguese/English
Shery (Israel) - Hebrew/English
Sleepwalker (Venezuela) - Spanish/English
snowwhite_Juul (Netherlands) - Dutch/English
Starbreeze (Greece) - Greek/English/French
Tragedienne (Moldova) - Russian/English

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